Single Sachet Wet Wipes Making Machine

A single sachet wet wipes-making machine is specialized equipment designed to produce individually packaged wet wipes. These machines are commonly used in personal care, hospitality, healthcare, and cleaning industries. Here are some key features and functions of a single sachet wet wipes-making machine:


Key Features:

  1. Compact Design: Typically designed to occupy minimal floor space, making them suitable for small to medium-sized production facilities.
  2. Automation: High levels of automation reduce the need for manual intervention, enhancing efficiency and consistency.
  3. Versatility: Capable of handling various liquid solutions (e.g., disinfectants, sanitizers, lotions) and different types of non-woven fabrics.
  4. Precision Cutting: Ensures accurate cutting of wipes to the desired size.
  5. Sachet Sealing: Automated sealing of each sachet to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination.
  6. Adjustable Settings: Allows customization of sachet size, liquid volume, and production speed to meet specific requirements.


  1. Material Feeding: Non-woven fabric rolls are fed into the machine.
  2. Folding and Cutting: The fabric is folded and cut into individual wipe sizes.
  3. Liquid Application: A precise amount of liquid solution is applied to each wipe.
  4. Sachet Formation: Wipes are inserted into sachets, which are then sealed and cut to individual pieces.
  5. Quality Control: Ensures that each sachet meets the set standards for size, seal integrity, and liquid content.
  6. Packaging: The finished sachets are collected and can be packed into boxes or cartons for distribution.


  • Hygiene and Safety: Ensures that each wipe is individually sealed, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Convenience: Provides users with single-use wipes that are easy to carry and use.
  • Efficiency: High-speed production capabilities increase output and reduce labor costs.
  • Customization: Can be tailored to produce wipes with different properties and packaging styles.


  • Personal Care: For products like facial wipes, baby wipes, and makeup removers.
  • Healthcare: For antiseptic wipes, alcohol wipes, and wound care wipes.
  • Hospitality: For refreshing wipes in hotels and restaurants.
  • Cleaning: For household cleaning wipes and industrial cleaning wipes.


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