Fully Automatic Wet Wipes Making And Packing Machine Production Line

A fully automatic wet wipes making and packing machine production line is a sophisticated system designed to automate the process of manufacturing wet wipes and packaging them into individual packs. It combines several machines and processes to achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity.



  1. Wet Wipes Making Machine: This machine is responsible for producing the wet wipes from a roll of non-woven fabric material. It includes processes like unwinding the fabric roll, cutting it into individual wipe sizes, folding the wipes, and adding liquid solution or moisturizing agents.
  2. Folding and Stacking System: Once the wipes are produced, this system folds them into the desired shape and stacks them in a specific arrangement, ready for packaging.
  3. Packaging Machine: This machine takes the folded and stacked wipes and automatically packages them into individual packs. The packs can be made of plastic film or other suitable materials. The machine seals the packs to ensure hygiene and product integrity.
  4. Labeling and Printing System: After the wipes are packed, this system applies labels or prints relevant information such as product name, expiration date, and batch number on each individual pack.
  5. Secondary Packaging System: In some cases, the individual packs are further grouped and packed into larger containers or boxes for transportation or retail purposes. This system handles the secondary packaging process, ensuring that the packs are organized and protected.
  6. Conveyors and Automation Controls: Throughout the production line, conveyors and automation controls are used to transport the wipes, packs, and boxes between different machines and processes. These systems help maintain a continuous flow of production and optimize efficiency.



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