Highspeed Paper Cup Machine

An Aluminium Foil Rewinding Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the production of aluminium foil. It is designed to take large rolls of aluminum foil and cut them into smaller rolls of the desired size and length.

The machine typically features an advanced control system that allows for precise cutting and rewinding of the foil. It also features automated feeding and tension control systems to ensure that the foil is properly fed through the machine and that the tension remains consistent throughout the production process.

Aluminium Foil Rewinding Machines are used by manufacturers and distributors of aluminum foil products, as well as businesses that use aluminum foil in their production processes. They offer a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved quality control.


Special Features :

  • High Efficient
  • HighOperational Fluency
  • Superior Performance
  • PLC Control
  • Touch Display
  • Power Brake
  • Machine Works in Metre


Quick Detail of a Machine :

Aluminium Foil Rolls Web Width 300mm Max
Parent Aluminium Foil Roll at Unwind Side 450mm max OD
Parent Roll InsideDia Air Expander Shaft 76mm
Tension Control at Unwind (Decoiler Magnetic Particle Brake
Edge Guide Manual
Thickness of Aluminium Foil Min. 9 microne, max.20 Microne
Electronic Control Panel PLC Base
Length Counter Pre Setter


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