The V-Fold facial tissue machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to automate the production of V-Folded facial tissues. It is a high-speed and efficient machine that offers precise folding, cutting, and stacking of facial tissues.

The machine operates by unwinding a large roll of facial tissue paper and feeding it through a series of rollers and folding mechanisms. These mechanisms fold the tissue paper in a V-shape, creating neat and uniform stacks of facial tissues. The machine then cuts the stacks into individual tissues and stacks them in an organized manner for packaging.



The machine embossing and cutting off the tissue paper. The folding of product is “V” type folding and you can make it one by one. This kind of Tissue paper is used widely in hotel, office and kitchen etc, that is convenient and sanitation. The folding, cutting, counting etc several processes are going together.



Special Features :

  • Count Automatically And Output in Order
  • Adopt Helix Cutter And Vaccum Absorption Folding
  • Adopt Steeples Adusting speed to unwind which may fix different tension of raw paper
  • Electric control and gas system.
  • It more easy to operate
  • The width of tissue can be adjusted, that will be convenient for customer to sell


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