Semi Automatic Packing Machine

A semi-automatic packing machine is a versatile device used to streamline and expedite the packaging process. It is designed to assist operators in efficiently packaging various products, eliminating the need for manual labour and increasing productivity.

This type of packing machine incorporates both manual and automatic features, striking a balance between operator control and automated functions. It requires human intervention for certain tasks while automating others, providing convenience and reducing the workload.


Product Details:

Air Compressor 0.3-0.5 mpa
Frequency 50 Hz
Packing speed 10-15 bags/min
Brand Diya Industries
Voltage(V) 220 volts
Packaging Material Napkin Paper
Condition New

Quick Detail of a machine –


  • Packing speed 10-15 bags/min
  • Power supply 220v/50HZ
  • Air compressor0.3-0.5mpa(buyer provide)
  • Power0.4KW



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