Semi Automatic Toilet Roll Making Machine

A semi-automatic toilet roll making machine is a versatile and efficient equipment designed to streamline the production of toilet rolls. This machine combines the advantages of manual and automated processes, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-scale manufacturers.

With its semi-automatic operation, the machine requires minimal human intervention while still offering excellent control over the production process. It typically includes features such as a paper slitting system, embossing unit, perforation mechanism, and a winding system.

The operator feeds the jumbo roll of toilet paper into the machine, which then automatically slits the paper into the desired width. The embossing unit creates patterns or textures on the paper, providing a more luxurious feel. The perforation mechanism cuts the paper into individual toilet roll lengths, while the winding system neatly rolls and packages the finished product.


Model Name L wing Super
Number Of Rolls 8/10/12
Roll Cutting Size 81cm
Production 2500-3000 rolls/8 hours
Embossing Metal to Rubber/Metal to Paper
Perforation 80mm to 200mm
Inner Dia of Jumbo Roll 76mm
Outer roll core Dia. 76mm/52mm/38mm
Motor 2Hp Dc Motor
Embossing Design As per Requirement
Unwind Unit One
Machine Warranty One Year


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