Single Decker Paper Napkin Machines

Single Decker Paper Napkin Machines are specialized machines used in the production of paper napkins. They are designed to fold and cut large rolls of paper into individual napkins that are then packaged and sold for use in homes, restaurants, and other settings.

These machines are typically made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel and feature a range of cutting and folding mechanisms to create the desired napkin size and shape. They are also equipped with advanced controls and automation systems to ensure high productivity and quality.



Quick Detail of a Machine

Model Name L-Wing 300
Jumbo Roll Width Subject to the size ordered
Max. Jumbo Roll Diameter 1100mm
Inner Dia. Of Jumbo Roll 3” (76.2mm)
Jumbo Roll web material 1-3 plies tissue paper width 18-25 GSM Each Ply
Finished Product Size Subject to the size ordered
Embossing Unit Steel To Rubber/Paper Roller (Steel to Steel Embosser or Engraved Embosser need to be ordered)
Counting Electronic / Pneumatic ( to be ordered)
Printing Flexo
Printing Ink Water-based ink
Machine Speed 400-450/min
Folding Unit 1/4 Fold (pls Specify if another fold type needed)
Machine Warranty One Year


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