Automatic Toilet Roll Making Machine

An automatic toilet roll making machine is a highly advanced and efficient piece of equipment designed to automate and streamline the entire process of manufacturing toilet rolls. It is a fully automated solution that offers exceptional productivity, precision, and reliability.

This machine is equipped with advanced features and components that eliminate the need for manual intervention, ensuring a seamless and continuous production process. It includes a paper unwinding system, cutting and perforation mechanisms, embossing unit, winding system, and packaging capabilities.



As Per Following Specification,


  1. Maximum Paper Width : 1420mm
  2. Maximum Unwind Diameter : 1200mm
  3. Maximum Rewinding Diameter : 254mm
  4. Parent Roll Core Inner Diameter : 76mm
  5. Raw Material : 1 or 2 Layer Tissue Paper
  6. Reel Unwind Unit : Two
  7. Perforation repeat : 100mm
  8. Embossing unit : One ( metal to rubber)
  9. Power Consumption : 5 HP ( Three Phase )
  10. Control : PLC With Frequency Drive
  11. Production / 8 hr. : 800-850 logs of 100 gsm approx 12000-15,000 toilet roll of 4 inch
  12. Weight : 3000 Kg (Approx)
  13. Machine Dimension : 10L x 9W x 6.5H (Ft.) Approx
  14. Automatic paper cutting and gumming after rewinding.
  15. Variable Speed Pully Drive for control the jumbo roll speed.


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